SFC Exclusive | Russian Deputy Prime Minister Expects China-Russia Trade Continues to Grow

2024年04月02日 18:42   21世纪经济报道 21财经APP   吴斌

南方财经全媒体集团 21世纪经济报道 记者吴斌 博鳌报道

Alexei Overchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, attended the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2024 and had an exclusive talk with SFC journalist.

“Russia and China share a very dynamic and a very positive relationship,” Overchuk said. “It's based on mutual respects, equality and very deep relationship between our governments and our people. There's been a lot of in our history. ”

“Our trade relationships are developing very rapidly,” he added. “And we will continue to experience growth. Naturally, we are discussing the issues of improving connectivity. It's a very robust relationship. ”

In terms of BRICS cooperation mechanism, Overchuk said “of course there is a collaboration in BRICS, where there are various levels of discussions, but the decisions are made by consensus that shows a new kind of approach to the relationship between countries.”

For example, “India said we don't want to be leaders here; China said we don't want to be leaders here; Russia said we don't want to be leaders here as well,” he added. “So it's equal countries having discussion and arriving to mutually acceptable decisions.”