Leonard Mbao: Zambia and China could become partners in the green field

2024年07月10日 17:16   21世纪经济报道 21财经APP   何柳颖

南方财经全媒体记者何柳颖 广州报道

The 5th Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation was held in Guangzhou on July 9.

Africa is rich in mineral resources, which has become an important area of China-Africa cooperation. At the forum, Leonard Mbao, Provincial Minister for Northern Province, the Republic of Zambia told us that Zambia want to cooperate with China especially in terms of mining.

Leonard Mbao shared with us that Zambia is a country rich in copper resources."We are also developing lithium resources. Lithium is very important in the battery manufacturing process and that's what Zambia has."Leonard Mbao said.

Now China is practicing the concept of green, Leonard Mbao is very much looking forward to Zambia and China to become partners in the green field.

For example, in the field of power generation, Zambia is facing a shortage of power supply due to its high dependence on hydropower. " Now the bad weather pattern is a wake-up call for us to move into solar power energy and wind power energy. All these are going to need a lot of technology, and China is quite advanced in this area." Leonard Mbao said.

He believed that the cooperation on sustainable industry with China would be beneficial for both countries. "We don't want China to come and help us, but we want China to come and do this, so that you can get a return out of this investment." Leonard Mbao noted.