Review the Past Decade of the Belt and Road Initiative Through Key Figures

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In ancient times, the Han and Tang Dynasties witnessed the vast expanse of the Silk Road.

Today, we behold the cooperative prosperity of the new era's "Belt and Road Initiative" .

2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the inception of the "Belt and Road Initiative" .

Over the past decade, the "Belt and Road" community of partners have expanded to include more than 150 countries. 

Today, the "Belt and Road" has become a crucial driving force for China's foreign trade growth, with over 40% of its trade volume generated with partner countries. 

Over the course of a decade, China's total imports and exports with these partner nations have reached a cumulative total of 19.1 trillion US dollars.

This growth extends beyond mere quantity; in terms of quality, the industrial collaboration between China and partner countries has grown increasingly robust. 

Chinese intermediate products, such as automotive components and lithium batteries, have seen their competitiveness rise in partner country markets. 

Additionally, exports of machinery and electronic products have maintained their rapid growth trajectory. 

On the other side, China has also increased its imports of energy products and agricultural goods from partner countries.

Nuts from South Africa, coffee from Ethiopia, or olive oil from Singapore, high-quality foods from partner countries are finding their way to Chinese dining tables. 

The continuous expansion of trade scale and structural optimization have not only propelled China's regional economic development, but also stimulated economic growth in partner countries. 

According to a World Bank report, the "Belt and Road" has led to a 4.1% increase in trade for participating nations, brought about a 5% growth in foreign investment, and generated a 3.4% increase in GDP for low-income countries.

Simultaneously, the "Belt and Road" has brought tangible benefits to the people of partner nations. 

The initiative has created 420,000 job opportunities in partner countries, and could contribute to lifting nearly 40 million people from poverty by 2030.

If all the projects under the "Belt and Road" are fully implemented, they will generate an annual income of 1.6 trillion US dollars for the global economy, signifying an additional 1.3% growth in global GDP, with 90% of the benefits shared by partner countries. 

It's not just about business; it's about friendship, mutual benefit, and shared development. 

With the advancement of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, it will bring even more opportunities for shared prosperity among partner nations.


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